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We provide a wide variety of estate plans that include Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Healthcare Directives and other tools, from simple to highly complex estates.

Many people do not understand how their estate will be impacted by probate or trust administration laws. In addition, these laws vary by state.

Our business law attorneys can help your business prepare and plan for success while protecting you from unnecessary risks and liabilities.

Our elder law attorneys help you plan for a time when you or your loved ones will face issues such as aging, incapacity, disability, professional long-term care and death.

Caring for a loved one with special needs or a disability is a life-long responsibility. Our attorneys help you create a plan to provide the same level of care they need, under any circumstances, including your own death.

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Thomas, Ronald, Cooper & Krumpe, P.A. is a small Estates and Trusts and Business law firm located in Towson, whose roots can be traced over 50 years through our founder, W. Lee Thomas.

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Thomas, Ronald, Cooper & Krumpe, P.A. - providing compassionate and thorough individual and business law services, including estate planning and probate administration

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